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As a loyal Milk Bar fanatic who splurges on her sweet tooth, I am THRILLED Milk Bar is now an uber away and I can avoid that 30$ delivery from NYC.

This past Saturday, Feb. 2nd, Milk Bar in Harvard Square officially opened up on 3 Brattle St. Its prime location is sure to succeed with Boston Foodies and hungry college students. The pink interior of the store combined with the colorful aesthetic of the food are sure to make your trip Instagram-worthy (so put on your best outfit and bring friends!).

Christina Tosi creates glorious wonders from cereal-infused ice cream that perfectly captures the delicious taste of cereal milk, to (my personal favorite) a Birthday Cake perfectly concocted after 3 years of experimenting. This vanilla birthday cake generously lathered with vanilla frosting will have you dreaming of childhood.

After work and a night-out, I finally made my way to 3 Brattle St at the end of opening day, practically drooling imagining the taste of Tosi’s birthday cake.

The line poured out of the store home to Momofuku’s new &pizza and Milk Bar locations. I began to formulate my order, careful not to over-indulge, mainly because I knew I’d be back later this week.

When I finally made it to the cash register, I managed to limit my order down to a 6-inch birthday cake, a 3-pack of birthday truffles, a hot pink “Milk” beanie (because I’m a die hard fan who like to look cute and stay warm), and 2 cornflake marshmallow cookies for home (definitely heat these up!). My friends purchased cornflake and fruity cereal crunch cereal milk soft serves of which I had my fair share of, as well as bagel bombs.

We unfortunately did not order from &pizza due to the amount of food we were already about to consume.

I love sugar, but there are very few cakes, cookies, and pastries I actually enjoy and that don’t make me feel sick. Milk Bar is by far my favorite bakery and I love everything I’ve ever tried. If you haven’t already, be sure to go this week to indulge and witness the magic of Milk Bar.

Be sure to try: the OG Crack Pie, Birthday Cake, compost and cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies, b’day and chocolate malt truffles, cereal milk soft-serve.

You honestly can’t go wrong with anything from Milk Bar.

Also, they have an exclusive Boston location milkquake called Boston Cream Pie, as well as a new Popcorn cake that claims to be the perfect balance of sweet and salty, that we CANNOT wait to try!!!

This is sure to be dangerous once it hits Postmates in Boston…

Boston Menu

Boston Menu

Waiting in line provides the perfect time for photos! Wearing: Red Faux Fur Coat and silk white lace top from Diane Von Furstenberg with Reformation Pajama bottoms because why not?

Pure Happiness.


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90s B*TCH.

90s B*TCH.